E8 Funding Information


CEO: Dylan Elchami
Date Founded: Oct. 11, 2021


Platforms: MT4, MT5,
Broker / Server: Own Server
Payment Method: Deel @ Bank Transfer
Payout Method: Deel & Cryptos


E8 Funding came into the industry with a ground breaking technology. They earned traders trust within the shortest period of time with their unbeatable features and big payouts, mind blowing services and lots more.


My View On E8 Funding




No Minimum Trading Days

Excellent Customer Service

Instant Account Access

Brilliant and unique Scaling plan

Attractive & Innovative Dashboard




High Subscription Fee

8% Overall DD

Relative DD



Last Month Review

It was a good month for them with some huge payouts, up to the tune of 98K.


What To Expect:-


I would seriously look out for them to work on the Spillage issue. Most traders are really concerned about this and give a thought in increasing the overall DD, 8% is just too low for such a promising firm like E8.



Esteem Traders, this brings us to the end of this month review, believing this meet you well wherever you may be.




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Overall Rating

Overall Rating: Very good