FTMO Information


CEO: Otakar Suffner
Date Founded: June 12, 2014


Platforms: MT4, MT5, CTRADER
Broker / Server: Own Server
Payment Method: Bank Transfer, PayU, Skrill, Unlimit, Nuvei, Confirmo
Payout Method: Bank Transfer and Crypto


FTMO is considered to be Traders First Love when it comes to proprietary firm. Brilliant performance since the year 2015 to date. This Europe based firm, is the true definition of Trust, Transparency, Honesty & Reliability. My View On FTMO Pros:- Excellent Customer Service Profit Split Limitless Trading Style Certficate Proof Scan Absolute DDs Automation Scaling Biweekly payouts Payout Methods Dashboard Free Trials Trust and Reliability 0% Commission on Crypto and Indices Cons:- High Subscription Fee Stage 1 10% Target Slippage Issues Restrictions on News Trading Holding Trade During Weekends Last Month Review No Tangible complaints so far 14 Days Extension Still in Place Unique Dashboard with great Features Still the only Firm that pay through Skrill What To Expect:- I would love to see FTMO reduce their subscription Fee, minimum trading days and profit target on phase 1. Despite the fact that Swing account solves the issue of news trading and holding of trade over the weekend, I would love to see these two conditions are allowed in the standard account with same leverage. Fillip, Tomas, Marek and Otakar (FTMO)


Esteem Traders, this brings us to the end of this month review, believing this meet you well wherever you may be.




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Overall Rating: Very good