Funded Trading Plus Information


CEO: Simon Paul Massey
Date Founded: Dec. 16, 2021


Platforms: MT4, MT5
Broker / Server: EightCap
Payment Method: Credit Card & Cryptos
Payout Method: Deel


Funded Trading Plus is one of the most promising prop firm out there with lots of goodies in stock. This firm got their foot on UK soil and their models are so attractive, They've got 1step challenge known as Experience Traders Programme, 2 steps challenge known as Advanced Traders Programme and instant funding known as Master Trader Programme.


My View On FT+




First Payout In 3 Days in Funded Account and Subsequent Weekly Payout.

No Time Limit For All Challenge  Phases

No Monthly Fee For The Instant Funding Models

Automated Dashboard

Daily DrawDown Removed if Trader Makes 10% Profit on Live Account

Allows News Trading and The Use Of EAs

Scalable up to 2.5M (Requirements 10% Profit)



Confusing Trailing DrawDown

Weekend Holding Not Allowed In Master Trader Programme 

Mandatory Stop Loss In Advance Programme.


What To Expect:-


I will expect them to relax the drawdown rules and remove the mandatory stop loss on Advance Programme.



Esteem Traders, this brings us to the end of this month review, believing this meet you well wherever you may be.




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Overall Rating

Overall Rating: Good