My Flash Funding Information


CEO: Blake Carter
Date Founded: Aug. 1, 2023


Platforms: MT4 and MT5
Broker / Server: Think Markets
Payment Method: Card and Crypto
Payout Method: Deel and Crypto


In a groundbreaking move for the prop trading industry, MyFlashFunding, under the visionary leadership of CEO Blake, has introduced an array of unparalleled opportunities to enhance your trading success. Prepare to be amazed as they unveil features like the "Lowest Target" challenge, allowing you to set ambitious goals, "Unlimited Trading Days" granting you the freedom to trade without restrictions, and access to a "Live Long Funded Account" to boost your trading potential.
This game-changing platform aims to make the path to success easier for traders, providing a unique and empowering experience. With MyFlashFunding at your doorstep, the possibilities are limitless. Embrace this opportunity and embark on a journey towards financial triumph in the world of trading.

Overall Rating

Overall Rating: Good